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Kaizen Institute consultants have been helping companies make sustainable performance improvements for three decades:

Our consultants are experienced hands-on practitioners and coaches. We assist client teams achieving great results by rapidly putting ideas into action. The Kaizen Institute team is experienced in engaging with clients at all organizational levels. Our flexibility and ability to adapt Lean tools to the needs of your business is our major strength.

Breakthrough results are achieved using a variety of learning-by-doing methods including kaizen events, value stream design workshops and professionally managed Lean projects. The Kaizen Institute focus is on "helping you to help yourself" through knowledge transfer. We empower your people to implement improvements themselves, while working with leaders to build systems to sustain continous improvement culture.

Kaizen consultants understand that their success is about getting results that the client can see and creating value that can be measured financially. Typical consulting engagements include a combination of:


The true meaning of kaizen is improving everybody, everyday, everywhere. We enable this by helping clients design and build their kaizen systems:




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